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Oil paintings are generally difficult to reproduce--as the large number of cheap imitations you've probably seen on the streets of cities everywhere attest to. Because the best artists develop such unique and inimitable styles, the subject of the high-quality reproduction becomes even more intricate. That's why people interested in obtaining the best art reproductions available must appeal to the best replicators--like the ones here at Museum Replicas.

The artists at Museum Replicas come from all over the world. They have achieved success in their medium, both through reproductions and with examples of original art. Though their individual styles are widely divergent, they have in common a degree of mastery that you would be hard pressed to find in other artists--let alone together in one company. They are entirely accustomed to dedicating themselves to recreating great past works of art.

The results--especially in the difficult field of oil paintings--have been remarkable. As just one example, the famous "Dance Examination" by Edgar Degas has been reproduced by our artists with surprising accuracy. The delicate lines of the master find new life in this elegant copy, which looks more like a new work of art than the type of copies most people are used to.

Many other famous works have undergone this same transformation. We have produced reproductions of many different tapestries, statues, tapestries, architectural art, and vases. Each of our pieces displays the kind of attention to detail and beauty as does the "Lady with the Unicorn." We can be contacted at [email protected] or 517-775-4647.