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Marble is traditionally seen as a cold and difficult stone--but in the hands of the great sculptors of the past, you'd never know it. Looking at their works, one sees motion and beauty, as well as the silent calm of still repose. Marble sculptures from ancient Greece and Rome remain our best inheritance from those countries, and the legacy of marble sculpture continues to captivate both artists and audiences up to this day.

It is certainly not difficult to see why: after all, with marble's fine sheen and beautiful polish, it makes a great substance for contemplation. Since so many of the great marble statues of the past are lodged in museums, an art reproduction house like the one we have here at Museum Replicas can be a great way to bring the beauty of marble into your own home or office. With our staff of highly trained and talented artists, we have succeeded in capturing the beauty of many statues in Carrera, Alabaster and Jade marble.

In order to illustrate this, simply look at the statue against which all other marble statues are judged: Michelangelo's "David." With its beautiful lines and dynamic design, you would think this statue would be impossible to reproduce. You'd be wrong, however, as the amazing reproduction viewable at our online gallery can demonstrate ( After seeing it, it's likely that you too will believe that, though only Michelangelo could sculpt David, only the talented artists we employ here at Museum Replicas could resculpt it.

We can also reproduce pieces sculpted from a diverse range of materials, including wood, glass, and bronze. We also create oil paintings and are equally adept at reproduced or original art. For more information, please visit the abovementioned gallery, or call us at 517-775-4647.