Custom Projects

If you are searching for a specific piece of art and do not find it on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us with your special request. Our artists will custom-make any artwork to any dimension you request.
Suggestions for oil painting:
Anything you can not find on our website.
A family picture 
The family matriarch/patriarch,
The children: Imagine the delight of the parents or grandparents when presented with a beautiful painting of their children or grandchildren
The company founder
A prize animal
Marble or bronze sculptures:
The family matriarch/patriarch,
The children ( a precious moment)
The company founder: An exclusive bronze sculpture of the company's founder or chairperson is a distinguished focal point for any boardroom or lobby
A prize animal
Wood carvings:
The family crest
The family crest
A corporate gift:An exclusive engraving of the company's logo on a selected shape of glass is a distinguished gift or focal point in any boardroom or office.
Please call us to discuss the details, options and possibilities
We will be delighted to quote a price 
Feel free to call us at (866) 472-4090 or (517) 347-7983