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Finding the right decorative piece for your home or office can be a difficult process. That's why we at Museum Replicas offer a broad selection of beautiful paintings, statues, vases, sculptures, architectural art, and tapestries, each of which has been lovingly copied from a world masterpiece. Whether it's contemporary art you're looking for or something a little more classic, we are an excellent place to find top-level reproductions.

We employ a large battery of professional artists who do their best to replicate not only the surface of the artwork that they're attempting to reproduce, but the very process and mindset involved in its original creation. The result is a sort of artistic re-animation, whereby works created dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of years ago are duplicated with amazing accuracy. The customer then gets, in some respects, a unique piece of art, as opposed to a simple, passionless clone.

Take, for example, Michelangelo's famous "David" statue. The image of this work is so incredibly ubiquitous in Western culture, and its knock-offs so common, that it's easy to overlook its original beauty and composition. The artists here at Museum Replicas, however, combine research, observation, and immersion, to painstakingly recreate the statue from a huge block of marble. The process is so involved and difficult that it can take up to nine months to complete.

Statues aren't the only pieces that get such detailed treatment. Paintings--ranging from clear realist masterpieces to the most evocative impressionist daydreams--are lovingly adapted stroke by stroke. Whether you're looking for a single piece or need a collection of artwork for a room, office, or building, we can meet your needs. We also produce commissioned art and can be contacted at 517-775-4647, or by email at [email protected].