Laser Scanning Bronze


Laser or Digital scanning.
Digital materialization; the process by which  CAD files are realized as physical objects. Through our experience in the use of rapid prototyping and follow-on processes to create fully-completed end products, we can deliver creations of any required complexity,size and material. 

Our understanding of the specific requirements and demands of art projects provide us with a specialized insight into the execution of such projects, guaranteeing the artists vision is translated precisely by their full involvement throughout the processes involved in the materialization of their work. 

Digital 3d scanning allows the accurate replication of physical subjects ,of any dimensions, without  coming into direct contact in any way. This zero-impact  method captures, in a fraction of the time, all the detail and proportional integrity of a traditional mould-taking without  damage or disturbance to the subject and its surroundings. 

It further allows the manipulation of the size, form and material of the eventual  product. Once the scan is complete, the model from the captured data can be altered in any way desired, supplemented or repaired, used in part or whole and then be processed to directly create an end product in any material that can be cast, formed or fabricated.

Call to Arms
Price: $0.00
Motherless bronze patina
Price: $698.00