“It’s like shopping at the Louvre!”

The real Rubens and Van Gogh’s cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to obtain. But you can’t put a dollar sign on the personal joy and enrichment fine art brings to your life. And no one-dimensional print or cookie-cutter imitation can stand in for actual brush strokes on canvas, pottery shaped to perfection by expert hands, or delicate features rendered in real marble.

That’s why unlike other replica suppliers, our pieces aren’t made on the factory assembly line. Each and every one is crafted by hand, from start to finish. While we’d never claim to create genius, our replicas can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the originals you’d find in a museum like the Met or the Whitney (and indeed, they have!).

Did you know?

Not every piece you see in a museum is “the real deal.” It’s true! Even museums use replicas from time to time, such as when the original piece is being restored. “Museum quality” means our replicas are of the same high standards of accuracy and workmanship as those used by renowned museums. They are virtually indistinguishable from the originals.

Experience the history and legacy of the great works up close, thanks to secrets that otherwise might be lost to the ages…

We have exclusive relationships with artists all over the world who have been highly trained in art history and old world craftsmanship. These “modern masters” will recreate your piece using the exact tools, materials and methods used by the original artists.

Our artists have honed their impressive talents with years of study and practice. With wisdom, respect, and a profound love of art, they capture the genius of the original artist in each and every piece. The result? Our breathtaking works of art regularly astonish scholars worldwide.

And because we only recreate works that have passed out of copyright and are in the public domain, rest assured that your replicas will be perfectly legal. Your friends and clients may wonder, but you’ll never have to worry.

What priceless works of art would you like to enjoy every day? Let yourself dream big, because Museum Replicas offers…


More masterpieces than any museum!

Choose from thousands of works, including…

Our unmatched collection of Greek vases, including the legendary Euphronios Krater (deemed “one of the greatest acquisitions in the museum’s entire 102-year history” by the Met’s director in 1972) and a stunning Etruscan amphora featuring Achilles and Ajax playing dice (currently on display at the Vatican Museum’s Museo Gregoriano Etrusco)

The world’s most loved and celebrated Bronze statues: Little Dancer by Degas, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space by Umberto Boccioni, Rodin’s The Kiss and many others

Marble busts of the leaders whose intellectual and creative genius changed the course of human history, such as Julius Cesar, Marcus Aurelius, Antoninus Pius, Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, Beethoven and Mozart (to name just a few)

We can faithfully reproduce almost any oil painting you wish! From the classical Old Masters to Impressionist luminaries to American artists like Winslow Homer (and everything in between), we’ll start with the original you love most and create a painting you’ll treasure forever.

Fine marble sculpture, including famous works such as Michelangelo’s Victory, St. George by Donatello and the Venus de Milo. For a distinctive, stately touch, we offer hand-carved marble pedestals and reliefs fashioned after remains of ancient Roman architecture.

Religious paintings and art, including works by the greats: Da Vinci, El Greco and Rubens

We offer the largest selection of replicas in the industry. And because the list of possibilities grows larger all the time, it would be impossible to showcase them all on our website.
If you don’t see what you’re looking for, simply let us know. We’re honored to provide you with…

Custom projects tailored to your exact needs and specifications

Our network of talented artists include experts in almost every medium, style and period you can imagine. From the atriums of ancient Greece to streets of Montparnasse… be it lush watercolors, stained glass, Byzantine mosaics or even antique gold jewelry… if the piece you dream of is in the public domain, there’s a very good chance we can create it for you.

And if you need something a little closer to home, such as a family portrait or bust of your company’s founder, we’ll work with you to capture your vision – in any size, shape or dimension. A masterpiece all your own, destined to become a classic!

No matter what, we promise you’ll be thrilled with your artwork even before it arrives. That’s because…

You’ll personally oversee the creative process, every step of the way

From start to finish and at every stage in between, we’ll send you high-definition digital photographs that clearly display the shapes, textures and line of your work-in-progress. These photographs are for your personal review. The artist will never move on to the next stage without your approval.

You’ll delight in watching your very own masterpiece come to life – it’s like having your own artist working just for you! More importantly, your replica will not ship until you’re 100% confident and give the go-ahead. You won’t find this unique quality assurance process and guarantee of satisfaction anywhere else.

As you can imagine, such high standards are not for everyone. And you might wonder if this kind of personal service is prohibitively expensive. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised--it costs much less to choose replicas of this quality than you might think!

Because our artists painstakingly craft each and every piece from scratch, they produce only a few works each year. Nonetheless, our long-term relationships allow us to provide you with the absolute finest replicas at the lowest possible price.

There’s just one more thing we should mention. When you choose Museum Replicas, we promise…

It’ll be our secret!

Remember, your replica will be a custom made (and stunningly accurate) copy of a masterpiece in the public domain. When your friends, clients and colleagues see the brush strokes on canvas up close, they’ll scratch their heads in awe and wonder.

Most of your guests will keep their curiosity to themselves, but don’t be surprised if you field a few questions! We’d never try to pass our replicas off as originals to our clients, but whether you choose to reveal the secret is entirely at your discretion.

The pride of your collection is just a phone call away

Museums spend millions of dollars in travel and expenses to build their collections of priceless masterpieces, but all you need to do is pick up the phone…

Call us at 517-775-4647

We’ll have a friendly chat about the particulars of your project. We’ll discuss your needs in depth, including pricing and how long your project will take. And of course, we’ll answer any questions you might have.

We promise – no matter what the outcome, you’ll enjoy this call. As true art lovers ourselves, we’re passionate about the work we do, and we’ll love sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

Would you rather email? Just drop us a quick note at [email] with any questions you may have, or to set up a convenient time to speak on the phone.

Simply give us a call or email right now to get started. We look forward to creating a cherished work of art just for you.

Artfully Yours,

Maria Tindemans

PS: Can’t remember the name of your favorite piece? Identity of the original artist have you stumped? We can help! In our many years of recreating almost every kind of fine art under the sun, we’ve unraveled some puzzling riddles. Just call 517 775-4647 and together we’ll solve the mystery.