Relieves have existed since Egyptian civilization.

High or bas relieves are an easy and effective way to complement the theme of a room or garden area


A relief featuring a profile of an Egyptian pharaoh would be the perfect finishing touch in a luxurious, Egyptian-themed bedroom, while a classical bas relief would finish off a Roman or Greek inspired area exquisitely. 


We specialize in custom design and production, which means if you have a design, we will be able to convert it into a product.


Let us work with you to develop a stunning relief for your home or garden.

We have the resources and the expertise to meet all of your needs.

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Antelamian Relief Personification of the month of November and Zodiac sign of Sagitarius
Price: $4,375.00
Relieves - 198
Price: $4,995.00
Price: $4,375.00
Dionysus and Ariadne
Price: $4,375.00
Dionysus Bachus
Price: $4,375.00
Dionysus Horae
Price: $4,375.00
Eros Dionysus 600 133 lg
Price: $4,375.00
Flight into Egypt Mid 12th Century
Price: $4,375.00
Gessii Relief
Price: $4,995.00
Girl with Doves
Price: $3,275.00